Private Hire

If you love to party like the Porter’s, book us for a private soirée. Archie’s Lab can be yours for the evening, book out the Botanical Garden or hire the whole Emporium - the Colonel’s pad could be all yours! Chin-chin!

Archies Lab

Where Archie and Jim created and concocted, tried and tested, and worked tirelessly on their secret ale recipe for three years before releasing it to the world. Discover the Lab and the wonders it holds. Join us in here for private hire, masterclasses, events and Rhum... so many Rhums!

Botanical Garden

For all you star gazers out there. This is the place to be. Surrounded by greenery, botanicals and a blanket of stars overhead (on a clear northern night). Mingle your favourite gin with a well-paired mixer or in a stupendously tasty cocktail and enjoy the great northern outdoors in this little city-centre oasis.

Hire Colonel Porters

Sometimes you need to go no less than all out! Hire the entire Emporium for the party of all parties.