Back in the day, Master Brewer Colonel porter teamed up with Chief Chemist Archie Jones to create Newcastle Brown Ale (ala Dog, Journey into Space, Lunatic’s Broth). In this Emporium we celebrate this fine feat. Join us for a schooner. You’ll also find vintage cocktails, Tipsy Teas, real ales, rum and masterclasses.

It was written in the stars. Master brewing ran in Colonel Porter’s family, so following his time in military service, he teamed up with Chief Chemist Archie Jones, and took up the challenge of creating a brand new ale. Their complementary skills and three years of dedication and refining, hidden away and in secrecy in Archie’s Lab, resulted in the star of ales launching in 1927 – Newcastle Brown Ale (aka Dog, Journey into Space, Lunatic’s Broth).


Striking popular with the locals in the north, Colonel Porter wanted to share this bold brew with everyone far and wide and so navigating with constellation maps and led by the stars they travelled the globe distributing numerous bottles of ‘Dog’, with its ever-increasingly famous blue star badge (its five points representing the five founding breweries of Newcastle) and now, over 40 countries around the world enjoy this marvellous beverage. Just follow The Great Bear – he always points North.


And so we welcome you to Colonel Porter’s Emporium - a home that celebrates this journey, with a Tavern, Botanical Gardens and Rhum Bar. A place where Newcastle Brown Ale is enjoyed in its traditional form. And where you’ll also find vintage cocktails, tipsy teas, real ales, rhum masterclasses, private hire and an adventure around every corner…


It’s a true northern star. Come and see a man about a dog… you’re always welcome.